We have made this feature available only for our "in-line" style form. 

Participants will be able to see how many people they referred, what rewards they received and which ones they have yet to achieve.

To view their stats, campaign participants will need to click on the "Already signed-up?" link under the in-line form on your web page. You can change this text to something else in the form editor.

To log-in and verify their identity, they will need to enter the email address they used to sign-up to your campaign and their referral code.

The referral code can be found at the end of their referral link.

For example, id this was their referral link: http://getirefer.com/?iref=EWU36MK7
Then they just need to copy and paste the code after the "EWU36MK7"

Once logged in, they will see a popup where they can easily share their referral link through the sharing channels and also view their progress and rewards.

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