You can upload CSV files of unique voucher codes to your Welcome email, Reward emails including “Different” types of rewards and “Double Sided” rewards.

For example:
When sending out “different” rewards to your referrer for referring one, five and ten friends, you could send them a 5% voucher discount for referring one friend, 15% voucher discount for referring five and a 25% voucher discount for referring ten friends.

For “double sided” rewards, the referrer could receive a 10% discount for referring a friend and the friend could receive a 5% discount just for signing up.

CSV File format

Your voucher codes should be placed in 1 column with no column heading. You can download an example file here.

After uploading your CSV file, you will see the number of vouchers left here.

Add more voucher codes
To add more voucher, simply click the blue “Add More” button and upload your CSV file.
Important: Do not upload the same voucher codes. As this will cause duplicate voucher codes to be sent out to your campaign participants.

Deleting voucher codes
You can delete the remaining voucher codes. Any codes already sent out from your campaign will not be deleted.

Pausing vouchers
You can pause sending out voucher codes by simply removing the tag {voucher} from your email. When you wish to continue sending out codes, just place the tag {voucher} back into your email copy.

Duplicating remaining vouchers to another campaign.
When duplicating an existing campaign, any remaining vouchers not sent from that campaign will be copied over to your new campaign. 

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