Create your campaign

From your dashboard, click the button "Start a new campaign".

Name your campaign and click "Continue".

Choose the "Milestone Referrals" template and click "Customize this campaign" button and then proceed through the wizard to set up the remainder of your campaign.

Milestone temaplte

On the "Rewards" page you will see that the Milestone structure has already been set up for you. You can change the number of referrals required to trigger each milestone and add/remove the number of milestones.

Reward structure

Choose how these rewards will be triggered.
When the referred person signs up to your referral campaign.

Or when the referred person lands on a specified URL

Next, choose whether you will reward just the referring person or both the referrer the referred person.

If rewarding both the referrer and the referred person when the referred person lands on a specified URL, click here for further instructions on to create this setup.

Reward summary

Next, enter a short title and description for each milestone. This text will be shown at the bottom of all campaign emails and in the sharing widget. You can choose to show or hide the reward summary.

Click here to see how you can hide the reward summary text.

Reward emails

When the referred person reaches each milestone, the reward email will automatically be sent to them. You can edit the content for each email sent and upload a separate CSV of coupon codes if you so wish.

Click "Save and Continue" to save the page.

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