Step 1 - Open Code Injection
In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Code Injection.

Step 2 - Add our code
Add our script into the appropriate Code Injection field.

Code added here is injected into the <footer> tag on every page in your site.

The <footer> tag comes before the closing </body> tag.

Step 3 - Save
After adding our code, click Save.

Step 4 - Test connection
Refresh the home page of your website.

Then click on the “Test Connection” button below to make sure your website is connected to your iRefer account.

Note: With some Squarespace themes, the footer is not shown on the Home page. Therefore, you may not be able to connect your site to your iRefer account, in this case, you would need to add our line of code to the actual page of your website.

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