You will need to complete the following 2 steps in order to successfully install iRefer onto your shopify store.

Step 1: Add our code

Copy the code from this box and paste it before this</body> closing tags in your shopify store.

Step 2: Finding the </body> tag in your shopify template.
Login to your shopify store and click on the “Online Store” button in the left menu.

Then click the button (3 dots) shown below and choose “Edit HTML/CSS” from the menu.

Under Layout click on “theme.liquid” which will display a page of code on the right. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you well find the </body> tag. Paste our script just before this tag as shown. Press “Save“.

Step 3 - Test connection
Refresh the home page of your website.

Then click on the “Test Connection” button below to make sure your website is connected to your iRefer account.

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