Our Slack App will send you automated instant notifications to your selected Slack channel whenever someone joins any of your referral campaigns. You will receive their name, email, campaign name and date-time when they joined.

You need to have a valid active iRefer account, an active campaign and Slack integration setup in order to receive these notifications to your Slack channel.

Create a new account or sign-in to your existing account.

Slack app installation instructions

To connect Slack to your iRefer account, follow the instructions below.

Log in to your iRefer account.
Then in your Dashboard, click on the “Settings > Integrations

Click the Add to Slack button.

You’ll be re-directed to your Slack team for authentication.

Then select which of your Slack channels you would like to receive your notification to.

Click on the “Authorize” button. You have now connected your iRefer account to your Slack channel. Each time a new person signs up to your referral campaign, a notification will get posted to the Slack channel you chose.

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