Select form style
When setting up your campaign you’ll need to decide what type of opt-in form to show on your page. There are 5 to choose from.

Setup your triggers
Choose how, when and on what pages your form will appear. If you choose “Yes” for double opt-in, then your visitor will need to confirm their email address before their details are added to your campaign and they see your rewards.

Opt-in form trigger.
Choose from the following triggers when your opt-in form will be displayed,  the period of time, scroll amount on the page or when your visitor tries to leave the page.

How often does it appear?

Choose the time duration when your form is next shown to your visitor. For example, “minutes / 15” would not show your opt-in form again to the same visitor until 15 minutes had passed.

How to display your opt-in form on your site pages
Enter the page URLs where you would like your opt-in form to appear. Use “/” to show on your home page. Use “/*” to show on ALL pages. If your About page URL was then you would just need to enter “/about” for it to be displayed on your About page.

If you’re using our “Shortcode” style form then you will need to place the following code (<div id=”shortcode”></div>) into each web page you wanted this form to appear. If your site is built with WordPress, either paste this code into the “Text” tab of the page editor or if you’re using a content builder plugin like Visual Composer or Divi builder, then use the “Code” type module to paste our code into and place onto your page.

Double opt-in
You can choose whether a visitor is required to confirm their email address or not before their details are added to your campaign. If double opt-in is not required, then after submitting your form, they will immediately be given their own unique referral URL to share in order to claim your rewards.

Referral link redirect
Enter the page URL a user is redirected to after clicking on a referral link. Usually, you will want to redirect them back to the page where you have added your opt-in form. If your opt-in form is on your home page then use “/“, if on your About page, for example,, then you just need to enter “/about“.

Confirmation email text
If you chose Double Opt-in, then your visitor will need to confirm their email address before their details are added to your campaign. You can edit the text of this confirmation email or translate it to your own language.

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