Zapier Integration

Use iRefer as a trigger for any Zap to send new sign-ups to other services. Each iRefer campaign can be connected to a Zap.


You will need a Zapier account. They offer a Free and Paid plans.

Use our zap templates 

You can create a custom zap, or we have many zap templates you can easily use right away. 

Click the button below to view all our zap templates. 


Connect Zapier to iRefer 

First search for our app on

The scroll down the page a little until you see this section.

The click on the  "Connect Account" button.

You should now see this popup.

Next, login to your iRefer account, then click to edit one of your campaigns and navigate to the "API Guide" page as shown below.

Next, copy and paste your License Key, and API Key into the Zapier fields shown below.


Configuring a Zap

Here is a quick overview on configuring a Zap:


New Signups

Currently, we have one trigger, which is when new signups enter your referral campaign.

Click "Save + Continue"



Pull-In Samples

Zapier will pull through one sign-up from your campaign. You need to make sure you have at least one sign-up already in your campaign.

You are now ready to add an Action to your Zap.


Action - Add Recipient

Choose "Add Recipient". This will send any new sign-ups to the app your chosen app. Next, you will need to connect the account of that app.


Edit Template

You can send up to 11 fields across from iRefer to your app. They include the following.

You are now ready to send a test Zap to your app.

Click Finish and now make your Zap live!

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