You can use iRefer API to interact directly with your campaign from inside your application or website. You would need a developer to integrate these APIs in your application.

Key API Parameters

Following are the key parameters you would need to make a successful API call.

License Key - License key assigned to your account. Unique key for each account.
Website API Key
- API key assigned to your website. Unique key for each website.
Campaign Id
-  Numeric ID assigned to your campaign. Unique ID for each campaign.

You can find the value of these key parameters on your campaign API guide page on Open your campaign for editing and navigate to API guide using left navigation menu.

Your API Key should be kept safe and private. Never share it with anyone or use it directly in your code. You should retrieve it from the database or environment variable. API Key is not required when calling the API from client side (Your website UI/jQuery/JavaScript etc.) since we verify the request from the hostname.

API Developer Guide

Download and read the iRefer API Developer Guide for more info, examples and troubleshooting details. Also, check out iRefer JSFiddle for live examples and sample code. 

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