What is a sign-up?

A sign-up is either a referrer sign-up or a referral sign-up. When a person signs up for your referral campaign, we consider this person as one sign-up in your account. When a referred person, signs-up for your campaign or completes a specific task, we consider this person as one sign-up in your account.

What is a plan limit (described as “*xxx sign-ups”)?

This is the maximum number of actual sign-ups that is allowed on that plan. If you go over the plan limit, you should switch to the next higher plan that allows that many actual sign-ups. For example, if 5,000 participants have signed-up to your campaigns, then you should switch to our Growth 15000 plan (15,000 sign-ups) or a higher Growth plan.

What happens when I go over my plan limit?

If you go over your plan limit, your campaign will still allow people to join, but you won’t be able to see the new sign-ups in your reports.

What happens when I downgrade to a plan with plan limit lower than my current referrers count?

You won’t be allowed to downgrade to a plan that has a plan limit lower than your current referrers count. For example, if 15,000 referrers have signed-up to your campaigns, then you won’t be able to downgrade to Sprout or Nurture plan.

What happens at the end of my trial?

At the end of your trial, you will need to choose one of our paid plans. If you don’t, then any campaigns you had active during your free trial will stop working.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Our plans are either month to month or quarterly. There are no contracts.

Do I need to be a developer to use iRefer?

No, our easy to use plug-and-play software can be used and installed on your website without needing to be a technical person. If can use a developer if you want to use our API for advanced customization.

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